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Send an enquiry at Allahabad Centre

Registrations are open for 2nd batch starting from 5th of June .... Last date of registration 25th May.



Faculty of Allahabad

Since 2013. The Academy help out about 700 Student to obtain Ranks and Services like IAS, IPS, IRS…. in the Civil Services Exam.

The Academy Covers Courses like, General Studies (PT+Main,) Foundation, GS (Module), GS (Crash Course) Test Series and CSAT. The Faculty Members are highly Qualified in The Subject and are from reputed institutions and have developed well defined strategies to approach each of the Subject from the examination point of view.

At GS World, the focus is on participatory and Extractive learning Therefore teachers secrete an atmosphere that is conductive to an all inclusive education. The student all enable to become active agents of the teaching learning process. In addition, latest technology and up to date pedagogic methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others.

Considering all parameters, we persistently strive to offer. The best stuied guidance programmer which help. In realizing the candidates dreams into a reality.



GS World House, Stanly Road, Near Traffic Chauraha, Allahabad.

Phone: +91-8726027579

Phone: +91-7054199894