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GS Test Series ( Pre. )

Key Features

Number of Test : 14 Test both general studies and CSAT Paper.

Nature of Test : Analytical Understanding based informative and truly according to emerging post CSAT Era pattern.

Composition : Topic/Section wise and Full Test.

Batches : For Beginers (Topic/Section wise and full test, with notes and suggested reading), For Advance learners (Two Batches of Full test).

In CSAT Paper focus will be on all areas and integrated approach.

Reading comprehension will be picked on those books which have been picked by UPSC. Every test paper will include different genre of comprehension passages like : Environment, Democracy, Governance, Ethics, Global Economy, Indian Economy, Education, Society, Culture and History. Level of question will be at par with UPSC.

Each test is on OMR sheet in accordance with All India Ranking.

In General Studies paper focus will be on new areas like : Heritage, culture, Environment and International current including world History along with traditional topics.

Government websites, International organizations websites and Other websites (which are the source of the UPSC). NCERT; India Year Book, Reports of the ministries, Report to the people, Environmental Reports (like : IPCC, UNFFCCC), Economic Survey, Budget, Yojna, Hindu News paper will be source of the question making.

In logical reasoning, questions will be from basic level to complex level and every paper will cover all the dimensions of aptitude building. Students will get a detailed solution of every question paper as well.